Scotty's Action Sports Network
Summer Camp
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General Information

  • Participants can select and combine any activities as long as the requirements and timeframes are respected
  • Licensed programs may be joined by other participants
  • Start and finish times are arrival and departure to and from the water sports center
  • Participants should bring swim gear, sunblock, extra clothing and some money for drinks and snacks
  • Parents, family and friends are welcome to join
  • All activities include towels, water, changing room, lockers and hot showers
  • Additional drinks can be purchased at the water sports center
  • All equipment required for activities and courses, will be provided by the water sports center
  • The Shangri-La grounds are patrolled by Shangri-La security staff. Should you wish to provide your own security as well, this can be arranged
  • Prior notice will be given in case of force majeure through Viber