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Summer Camps

summer camp Experience our various camps with different programs each to engage campers in a variety of watersports and activities!

Diving Programs

diving programs Learn how to dive and enhance your diving skills with our diving programs. We cover beginners diving course to the extreme technical dives.


watersports Try out all our watersports. Every activity above water, on the water, and underwater, we do it!

Island Adventures

island adventures Tour the beautiful islands of the Philippine archipelago! Feel the seabreeze and swim with the fishes and turtles.

Lunch and Beverages

lunch and beverages Choose from a variety of delicious dishes prepared by our highly qualified chefs. Take a bite while you enjoy your activities!

General Information

general information Be informed of useful information for your activities! Check on the schedules and inclusions for your activities to be prepared.

About Us

about us Know more about us. Who we are, our site map, newsletter, membership and more, it's all here!